Bladder Stones In Humans General Overview

Bladder StonesUrinary bladder stones in humans are generally created when an individual has minerals and acid within the bladder that crystallizes and turns hard. These stones can be soft, hard or even jagged. Often times these are caused when an individual is suffering from nerve damage, an enlarged prostate or urinary tract infections that continue to develop. It is best to be examined by a doctor in order to determine an individuals underlying cause so that proper treatment can be received.

There are numerous bladder stones symptoms that can be experienced when an individual is suffering from this complication. Most individuals will state that they have pain when they are urinating. Others state that they have a difficult time urinating at all or they are not able to fully empty their bladder. People may even notice that their urine has a strong odor when they do urinate. In more severe cases there may be blood in the urine. This should be communicated with a health care professional as soon as possible.

Causes of bladder stones include an enlarged prostate, bladder inflammation, neurogenic bladder or even medical devices such as a catheter. When an individual’s prostate is enlarged it creates pressure on the urethra. This makes it difficult to urinate, which may result in bladder stones. Bladder inflammation can be caused from urinary tract infections and this can result in stones as well. When someone has a neurogenic bladder because of a medical condition such as a stroke or Parkinson’s disease the brain may not be able to communicate with the bladder effectively. This may make it difficult to urinate or to empty the bladder, resulting in stones.

If bladder stones are not treated the individual may develop urinary tract infections, chronic bladder dysfunction or even bladder cancer. Chronic bladder dysfunction can be very painful and result in frequent urination. Because of these issues it is always best to ensure that the stones are removed and bladder stones treatment is received. Some individuals will be able to drink a lot of water in order to flush the stones out of their system. However, if the stones are too large then a health care professional may need to break the stone up using a laser.

It may be possible to work towards preventing bladder stones and decreasing bladder stones symptoms. Drinking plenty of water will help decrease the minerals in the body. This decreases the minerals in the bladder and can decrease the likelihood of stones developing. Consuming more cranberry juice can have a positive effect as well. This juice will help decrease and slow the amount of bacteria within the body. This can help decrease bladder stones as well. Finally, individuals that are continually dealing with urinary tract infections need to consult their doctor. Consistant infections may contribute to bladder stones. By finding the cause of the infections an individual may be able to decrease urinary bladder stones in humans.

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